Monday, May 16, 2016

Killer African bees attack anything that moves in peaceful and bucolic Concord Ca.

The swarm is moving across several blocks near the intersection of Cowell Road and Treat Boulevard.
Several people have been stung and at least two dogs died.
Police are urgently trying to find a solution, and enlisted bee experts to relocate the insects as soon as possible.
The bees were so relentless, KPIX 5’s reporter Da Lin said he couldn’t get out of his van. Even with the windows closed they were still trying to get in, pounding at the window.
A bee keeper says the hive is somewhere near a carport, but the bees have taken over a couple of blocks of Hitchcock Road, attacking anything and anyone who’s outside. It’s like a scene from the birds, but with bees instead.
The official response should be to kill the bees, but instead the authorities will likely attempt to counsel the bees to be less aggressive, to offer free public honey so they don't have to make it themselves, and to threaten the local inhabitants not to resist the stinging, because they really deserve it, privileged bastards that they are.


  1. "Hitchcock Road" - now that is funny!

  2. Bee lives matter !!!!

  3. They are Bay-Area Bees, and are only reacting as they are because they haven't been given a safe space. Being subjected to micro-aggression, they are likely to attack (and fly tiny Mexican flags) without prior notice.

  4. Bee Lives Matter