Saturday, May 7, 2016

I totally agree with this

Years ago I got a cat at the pound.  Paid the money there for it, took it home.  A couple weeks later, I get a letter from the local government, demanding that I pay them 15 dollars for a license - for their permission.  I told them the cat was dead, and kept my money.  I was hugely offended that they government boys thought they could demand that bit of gold and tug from my forelock for the right to keep a single little cat, that I had taken off their hands at the pound.  I figured I was doing them a favor!  

And do you think you own you home because you've paid off the mortgage?  Nope, just stop paying your property taxes, and see how quickly you find out who really owns it, superior to all your rights.  The "King" will be sending his sheriffs around to take it away from you just like in medieval days.

Don't get me started, don't get me started!!


  1. I like the dead cat move... a clear sign of a cunning mind.

    1. I still got my 15 dollars, and the cat isn't dead.