Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why everyone should have a flock of chickens in their backyard.

I know Chickenmom and I see exactly these benefits all the time.  My wife just today came back with three eggs from our coop, and we have but three older hens. All table scraps feed them, they do eggs and meat if you want, there is the compost they make, and if you let them roam, they eat garden pests.  Just only get one rooster - don't ask me how I know two is too many.  If you have five or more, they will produce more eggs than you can eat.  Get the right breeds and you can have green, pink and chocolate brown eggs.  If you get a "broody" breed, they will reproduce themselves ad infinitum.  If you have kids and there are baby chicks, well, you will make great family memories.

All for just a bit of effort.  Everyone should enjoy them.


  1. Paid $3ea for the 21 in my back yard. They are producing an average of 18 eggs a day. Selling the eggs at work and locally for $2doz is paying for everything associated with them and then some. About $6 every 2 days plus all the eggs I can eat....hard to beat.

  2. Miss my hens. lots of wholesome eggs!

  3. Add one fox and you'll have no chickens at all (don't ask me how I know.)

    Before Mr. Fox came for his visit, I had only one rooster. That guy didn't like my missus at all, he went after her every time she came to pick up the eggs, so he ended up as chicken soup. Toughest bird I ever tried to eat!

    Still, I miss those good eggs, they just aren't the same in the supermarket.