Saturday, April 9, 2016

Well worth the watch: a full account of yesterday's SpaceX launch and landing

No one over 25 apparently works for SpaceX.

Who named the barge, "Yes, I still love you?"

Can't help but get red faced and emotional with all the cheering.

Great stuff.


  1. i wonder if our preezy has called to congratulate these fine young Americans on their monumental achievement? probably not; they haven't killed any cops or shut down any trump rallies. they give me hope for the future of our country

    1. Amen. The talent is there. If the people are simply allowed to do their thing, they will, and in the end generate wealth and progress. The government's only job is to provide a level playing field and an honest dispute resolution process, and then get the heck out of the way.

    2. CW, AMEN to your statement!

    3. No, HE will not call, because, for a brief moment or two, the crowd broke into the absolutely HORRIBLE chant of USA! USA! USA!

      HE will not lend credence to actions like THAT!