Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Victor Davis Hansen explains the Donald Trump phenomenon.

Read the article here, but also the comments.  

One of many of the comments which are especially perceptive:

"In our world, in which uncouth tribal leaders can say almost 
anything, these whites wanted their own Sharpton or Ramos, and finally 
got him with Donald J. Trump."
"Of course Hanson, who is as sharp and perceptive as they come, is certainly correct here but he is skimming over some deeper currents that are driving this political train wreck. The American people have grown weary of the lies, betrayal and sell-out by status quo elites The People are awakening to the fact that not only have they been sold out economically but the have been progressively disenfranchised while at the same the elites have schemed politically to render us politically impotent to do anything about it. T:his battle is about who is sovereign, the People or our unelected Administrative State rulers and its globalist elitist enablers. Consent of the Governed isn't even a cheap election year slogan any more. We are not being governed, we are being ruled. The elites have put us on a path to perpetual servitude and decline. This rage has only begun to rise."

Yes, we have indeed grown weary of the lies, the theft of our hard earned wealth, and of our rights and liberties.   Can we keep the republic?   Too far gone even now?  Oh, and Victor, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan are a big part of the problem, not the solution.


  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Victor (part of the establishment) needs to think through his statement a bit more fully.