Friday, April 15, 2016

Liverpudlian chick moves to India to stake out a career in Bollywood.

And yes, part of the attraction of posting this was the chance to use the word "Liverpudlian."  I freely admit it.

Liverpool model Amy Jackson had never acted professionally nor visited India when she was spotted online and cast in an Indian film.
Now she has moved to Mumbai, appeared on the cover of Indian Vogue and is making a name for herself on the big screen.
Amy Jackson was not quite your average Liverpool schoolgirl when she received the offer that would take her 4,500 miles and change her life.

The opportunity arose when director AL Vijay saw her photo and asked Jackson to play an English governor's daughter in his Tamil film Madrasapattinam, set against the backdrop of Indian independence in 1947.
"He said I had a really good look for his movie, for this particular role," says Jackson during a trip home between film shoots, her Liverpool accent now delivered with an Indian rhythm.
"It went on to be one of the biggest hits of 2010 in India so that obviously opened other doors. I never had any expectations of it doing so, but that's what happened."
Amy is Caucasian (note: people native to the Indian subcontinent are considered to be caucasian), but her long dark hair has allowed her to pass for a local in her subsequent films.  
Good Luck, Amy.  Never let the small minded detractors get you down!

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  1. I avoid Bollywood films. I would never knowingly pay to see one. And while I wish the English girl all the luck in the world, I strongly doubt that I'll see her work...ever.