Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ISIS fighters get caught by the Kurds, bawl like babies and plead for mercy

My God, what a bunch of idiots.   Don't they realize that they are clearly just trying to say anything to save their miserable hides?


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  2. It didn't work out the way they wanted, but they were perfectly willing to kill Kurds. If they are let go, they will be back. The same "Turks who made them do it" will "make them do it again".

    The only alternatives are:
    1. Cut off their right hands and let them go free (traditional Islamic way of giving parole to captured soldiers)
    2. Hold them for ransom. (traditional Islamic way of dealing with people of other tribes).
    3. Kill them. (ISIS way of dealing with captured troops).
    4. Hold them and let them go at the end of hostilities regardless of cost or duration (European Christian way).

  3. Turn them over to the Kurdish women who have lost loved ones.

    Don't watch what happens next, if you are squeamish.