Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buckley and Kerouac (plus a couple of other cats) discuss the question of "what is a hippie."

Kerouac is so drunk it's both funny and sad.

Hat tip to Maggie's Farm

And of course, Ginsberg on Kerouac: One of the realest programs I ever saw.


  1. Louis Ginsberg, Alan's father, was a teacher at my old high school.

    1. Did you have him for a class? I'd bet he was solidly middle class, and appalled at Alan's antics.

  2. Ginsburg's right, Kerouac is the perfect foil for all that self-righteous seriousness. Yablonsky comes off as a horse's ass, and Sanders is......Well, who but a kid could be that much of a poser about the sanctity of "peaceful protest?" Buckley comes off like Johnny Carson with a couch full of unruly guests, struggling to maintain his vision of the show.

    I'll add something personal. My second wife-to-be was in Lincoln Park the night of the Chicago riots, and got her hard Dutch head conked for her trouble; I know from her as well as other sources I trust that the riots were out-front cooked up by the Leftists to get the Chicago cops to react on national television. The Sainted Jane Fonda's first husband, Tom Hayden, along with Billy Dohrn-Ayers and the rest, were actively going around to the various campfires firing up the crowd into a mob, just exactly like Leftists have done since Diderot and Voltaire sent the mob into the streets of Paris in 1789. "Peaceful protest," my ass.

    Disgusting, and infuriating. Being a kid is no excuse.