Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Your good news of the day: Freedom makes a little bit of a comeback

West Virginia will join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming (residents only) as states designated as “constitutional carry” states that do not require any permits to carry a firearm, concealed.

For the longest time, the people of West Virginia had to get a concealed carry permit and undergo mandatory training in order to secure the permit. The state legislature passed a bill, over the Democratic governor's veto,  that would eliminate that requirement as well as included a $50 tax credit fot those who wanted to get training.

In fact, no matter what state laws say, the Second Amendment is your carry permit.

When was the last time your legislature passed any law that ended up either letting you keep more of your own money, or more of your own freedom?  Here in California, it's been decades.

Let's hope this trend spreads.


  1. California is not part of Free America. WV obviously has joined the movement. Free people don't need to ask permission to protect themselves.