Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The drought is dead in California

The water level at Loch Lomond Reservoir, which had been closed for the past three years, rose so fast that the lake, near Ben Lomond in Santa Cruz County, was reopened for the weekend. According to estimates Sunday, the lake was about 85 percent full and climbing.

“We got so much water last night, the docks are underwater and most of the boats almost sank,” said Jackson Branham, who works at the small marina at Loch Lomond.

In Marin County, lakes that are 100 percent full include Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Alpine, Kent, Phoenix, Soulajule and Nicasio.

Of the big reservoirs, giant Shasta came up three feet on Saturday and is 63 percent full, 85 percent of normal. The lake is 64 feet from the crest, a rise of 90 feet since early December.

It's the big lakes, like Shasta, Oroville, and Folsom, that really count.  The Consumes River, near where I live, is going over its banks in a few places, and I expect that the big storms expected later this week will send it decisively over its banks and onto the flood plain.  

I might wander about this weekend and take some pictures.

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  1. Don't worry, the geniuses who (mis)manage our water supply will drain the reservoirs again. Gotta maintain crisis mode.