Monday, March 14, 2016

Tesla Model X test drive

... the amount of work the vehicle does to greet you when you walk up holding the key fob is astonishing. If you approach from the front, the driver-side door will crack open a few inches and then swing all the way out as you walk past. If you approach from the rear, it'll just pop all the way open. Once you sit down and step on the brake, the door closes automatically. There's no on/off switch anywhere, so depressing the brake pedal will get the car ready to go as it seals the cabin. The X automates these everyday things to a degree that you feel like other cars just aren't as invested in your well-being as you get ready to go somewhere. Of course, the X also has Tesla's Summon feature, for an even more enhanced experience just getting into your car.


  1. Tesla + 5 years will be a definite choice for me. There need to be charging stations almost everywhere and it needs longer legs. Other than that, it's a winner.

  2. Don't get it wet it might burn your garage to the ground.