Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why you never take your eye off the ocean, especially in a storm

Two things.  That one guy just lays there and lets the sea wash him out. Jeez, don't just give up!

Second, what a weak effort at rescue from Mr. Yellow Coat.  But at least he made an effort, unlike the cameraman/woman ( although there might not have been one).  At least the "Take Me, Jesus" dude had a wife who was willing to get in the surf to save him.   She's the only one who really comes out looking like a champ, although we can see here how people drown going in to save someone else.


I don't speak much French, so I don't know what eventually happened, but I trust all three made it back to solid ground.

Update: the full story here.


  1. WOw! Talk about a split second.

    Here is a translation of the YouTube video description

    Published on Feb 8, 2016Lundi February 8, 2016, on the beach side Porsguen Portsall around 17h, a retired couple was swept away by the waves caused by the storm on the Breton side.
    They were saved by a Parisian vacation with his friend in Landéda recent months. A third man came to lend a hand. This is a hotel of Lannilis.
    Parisian Olivier vacationer thank firefighters and emergency services in the region, including the staff of the CHU Brest.
    A special thank you to Denise and Hervé capita Portsall for their welcome and their clothes chauds.Pour follow I love not having insulting comments on my old friend as he who keep near him the old man out of the drowning but more on the aspect of danger, in a very short time how the elements makes the danger of a mer.Merci those for their constructive comments over the olive green k way: o)

    1. I hear tell on the internet that the person doing the camera work was handicapped in some way, which explains why they were no help.