Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trolling Hillary's speeches - expert class.


  1. "Settle for" the Bitch of Benghazi...that's what the Democratic Party has to look forward to until she's indicted.

  2. LL, I would like her to be indicted, as she truly deserves that. But I'm also willing to settle for her to be defeated by Sanders in the primaries. In fact, I think Hillary would be MORE affected by the loss than an indictment. Just think, being thrown overboard TWICE in your political career by the party you represented, for two MEN that you obviously are 'BETTER' than. Pardon me while I embrace the Schadenfreude.

  3. What about if Sanders defeats her in the next three or four states in a row and THEN she's indicted? Will you accept a compromise?

    1. That would check all the boxes for me.