Saturday, February 6, 2016

The first new Delorean commercial since 1982

The company is assembling cars from leftover parts, and selling them. Go to to see how to get yours.

Back in my youth, when I was way too young to drive something like this, me and a buddy went over to the Delorean dealer and demanded a test drive.  They demanded 500 bucks to give us the keys, refundable if the car came back undamaged.  It was raining.  We were, truly, inexperienced at driving then, having only occasional access to our parent's sedans, and then only when we were behaving up to their high standards.  Plus we didn't have the scratch, and didn't really trust the somewhat shifty dealer to give the money back to us.  No test drive, but it was fun, and we got up close and personal with one on the dealer's floor.


  1. Sorry to say, other than the gull-wing doors, it looks sort of like a Toyota Celica circa mid 1980s. I do remember seeing a couple of the originals around back in the day, as well as several decades in the future....

    1. It was that and the fact that it had an aluminum body - no paint yet no rust. An interesting concept that should have done better in the market.

    2. It had a stainless steel body and one of the dealer options was paint. What was disappointing was the anemic power plant that was used to power this car. I had a buddy that managed to buy an '82 new and it looked great but had a poor ride and poorer performance.

  2. My dad had one when I was a kid. Wasn't expensive to buy but no one else had one.