Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scottish trail runner

Suilven: The Trail Runner from Chris Davies on Vimeo.

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  1. It's called Fell-running over here (from the Norse fjall – mountain for all you colonials out there).

    It's a popular sport, mostly in the North (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Durham … and Scotland of course). It's mostly won by shepherds, shepherds spouses and children (the land isn't much good for anything else up here and when you spend every waking hour trudging up and down hills with suicidal or sickly sheep ie. all of them, you tend to be quite fit.

    These are the 'hill' people who the Goretex and high-tech brigade see wandering around in gales looking for lost lambs wearing nothing but corduroys, a waxed jacket and wellies, whilst 'they' are waiting to be rescued.

    I know, I are one – I hate tups and yows so joined up – being shot at is better, and much less tiring.

    Check out some of the Championship videos to see that “Mad dogs and Englishmen” still holds true – and the scenery is quite good (you can do two or three Wainrights in a race).