Sunday, February 7, 2016


  1. If you shot the moose while it was swimming, it would be a chore and half to tow it to shore in that canoe, get it out of the water, and clean it.

  2. Not fair chase either.

  3. So many fails here.
    Standing in a canoe? Sure fire way to learn how to swim.
    Shooting from that position, assuming you have super balance. Another sure fire way to learn how to swim.
    And as was mentioned, have fun dragging that carcass back to shore!
    My ex, who was from New Newfoundland, has pictures of herself "driving" a moose on a lake. She simply got out of her boat, jumped on it's back and used the antlers to steer!

    1. Jumping on a moose's back and steering with the antlers!? Holy frijole!

    2. Throw a loop on the rack and let it pull you to shore, then shoot it ! After letting go of the rope, of course !