Friday, January 1, 2016

The Marines won't be using DARPA's creepy robot dog because it makes too much noise.

But the military has admitted that it probably wouldn’t see the front lines any time soon. It’s too loud.

Both robots also would’ve been difficult for Marines to easily fix in the field if something went wrong. The robo-dogs are now in storage, and without another contract from the government, it’s likely that we won’t be seeing these robots aiding the military anytime soon.

On the other hand, it sure would be a great psychological warfare device.   It would be very unsettling to watch that thing approach your position.

I wonder how it would survive a .308 round or two?


  1. Once they solve the battery power density problem, these will make sense. Couple that with solar cells to top up the charge, although that doesn't help you in canopy jungle terrain. Still, this has been one of those 'baby steps' that are needed for any iterative design.

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  3. Organic dogs and mules are loud too. Anything that just tromps through foliage without carefully picking it's way will make a lot of noise. I'm thinking that they need to make a tiger instead. It comes complete with camo and an attack mode.

  4. A lot of these neat gadgets will be great....IF we ever solve the issue of supplying them with enough power to make them useful enough
    long enough and far enough. Real mules will eat about anything, makes them useful in a lot of places. Special forces are not shy about using
    pack animals in places like A'stan.