Sunday, January 3, 2016

The destroyer USS Orleck, in heavy seas.


  1. Patrolling that vast reaches of Neptune's domain - then.

    Now, a museum to same.

  2. I spent 10 days of my last 2 weeks in the Navy on her. I and my 2nd class both STS/SS wanted toe experience the skimmer version of ASW and we did an exercise with an old US nuke and Canadian frigate.Ships company affectionilly called her USS Oilslick. May 1980.

    1. Now THAT is a tin can doing its special dance. I did 3-1/2 years on Southerland, DD 743 and that could be her in the background. Love the term "skimmer version of ASW". Bubble heads were always fair game in that rivalry if we didn't have a bird farm to pick on.

  3. The seas aren't too heavy. Been on the north Atlantic in January and February.
    Great pic though.