Saturday, January 9, 2016

S&W 632 in .327 Federal Magnum with stag/elk handles and a T-grip. Pictured with .32 ACP, .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, and .327 Federal Magnum.
The S&W, Long, H&R, .32 acp and Fed cartridges all share rim dimensions, external case diameter, and bullet sizes, and all five rounds work through a .327 gun. 


  1. I bought a Ruger SP-101 in that caliber when they first came out. Had a very difficult time finding target ammo for it. I could always find personal defense rounds for it but that's way too expensive for practice. Ended up selling it. Replaced it with a SIG P239 in .357 SIG caliber. Haven't looked back. Still, the .327 Fed Mag is a fine round.

    1. How is it finding .357 sig ammo? Seems like an off beat round, but it has good press as a choice for self defense.

    2. I'm wondering that too. My son went looking for a self-defense handgun and I talked him into 9 mm. Whatever else happens in the world - zombie apocalypse, WW-III, another democratic pres - there'll still be cheap 9 mm practice ammo available.

      I wouldn't mind the .327, it looks nice, but ammo availability is a big issue now.

    3. For the P-239, I've probably acquired 11-12 hundred rounds of target practice or frangible and another 200 rounds of JHP since purchasing the gun. It's a pocket rocket!

      My primary pistol is the SIG P320 Compact in .40 S&W with plenty of pills for it.

      DISCLAIMER: I don't stash thousands of rounds as some folks do. Many would say I am ammo "poor." Being money poor has that affect.

  2. I have an M640 hammerless in .357. After replacing the grips with Pachmayrs I found it much more pleasant to shoot. These grips cover the rear of the frame, and provide room for the pinkie.
    Reloads I carry in a speed strip, because I find speed loaders bulky and cumbersome. An AK or SKS stripper clip will also work for .38/.357 cartridges.

    I inherited a 1915 vintage Winchester Low Wall in .32-20. This lovely rifle is in excellent original condition, but ammunition is very scarce.
    I think the .327 Fed. Magnum might be a good match for this rifle.