Saturday, January 2, 2016

Make fire the old fashioned way.

The boy and I have been messing around with a Swedish Army firesteel to see if we can make it work.

We got some lint from the dryer to go, but preparation and technique are key.  Here is an Austrian gal who can make it look pretty easy and who has some good tips on how to make it work right.


  1. Really good tips. I have a few of these and pieces of fat wood in my tackle bags, but I've never tried them. If it ever came down to it, I probably would have been holding them above the tinder like she did in the beginning and gotten really frustrated. These would be a last resort because I always carry butane lighters, foil packets of surplus triox and waterproof matches.

    1. Hand sanitizer works well. Steel wool works even better than tinder, and isn't as difficult to dry out as traditional tinder.

  2. Check out her other videos if you get a chance.