Monday, January 4, 2016

Bobtail, Cree chief, Alberta, 1886

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  1. Warrior or "tame Canadian Indian"?

  2. Alexis Piché Jr. “Bobtail” (b. 1826) Alexis, whose Cree name was Keskayiwew, was born along the North Saskatchewan River, the son of Alexis Piché Sr. and Opeh-tah-she-toy-wishk, Magdeline O'pitaskewis (a Plains Cree woman). Bobtail, also known as Alexis Piche, Kiskayu, Keskayiwew, or "Gees-guy-oh", Died: Sept. 25, 1900, at Hobema, Alberta. Chief of the Bear Hills Cree, brother of Ermineskin. Was elected chief by 1844? to the chieftainship of the Rocky Cree and later became head chief of the Western Cree and head chief of all the groups of the Upstream People. By 1874 Bobtail had 15 lodges totaling 120 people. A respected leader, warrior and guide whose family were seasonal residents of the area of lake Minnawanka near Banff, Alberta. 1849, he married Catherine Cardinal (Pierre)dit Mustatip at Pidgeon Lake. Her father’s name was Pierre Cardinaldit Eia-io-wew and her mother was Marie Catherine Cardinal. Alexis Jr. and Catherine had four children; Cecile b. 1852 at Lac Ste. Anne, Francois b. 1847 at Fort Pitt, Angele b. 1864 at Metis Crossing (Victoria) and Alexis b. 1866 also at Metis Crossing. Bobtail’s desired a reserve near Pigeon Lake and on September 25, 1877 Chief Bobtail and two of his Councillors signed an adhesion to Treaty Six. After the 1885 Resistance Bobtail, his wife and his children took Metis Scrip (1886). He had Metis scrip claim # 179 and Catherine’s was # 171. Later he applied to return to Treaty status. The Bobtail group then spent several years with the Cree of Montana. After the government campaign to oust the Cree from Montana, this group became the Montana Band in Alberta.