Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Drinking mine right now.


  1. Navy coffee was the best because it had often been brewing for a week and poured like syrup. It was crack in a cup.

    1. I can agree with that, as I served aboard ship during a portion of my military career. Even better to my mind was a variation ashore, using C-rations or MREs, which was what we called a Mocha Two-step, referring not to the steps in creating it but to the dance you would be tempted to perform upon drinking it.

      The recipe was to take a packet of freeze-dried coffee along with the bag of 'Cocoa, Beverage, Powder' and mix it in one of the most valuable implements issued to a grunt - the canteen cup - with hot water (had to be hot, otherwise nothing would break down and mix). The resulting beverage, considering the fact that field rations are always heavily fortified, contained a far-more-than-adequate extra-double dose of caffeine.

    2. Nicholas, the never ending creativity of humanity is astounding. Keurig should make that for the hard caffeine core users of their machine.