Thursday, November 19, 2015

Le Mini 14 is a gun used by the French police! Zut-Alors, I would never have guessed!

Mousqueton AMD is the name given to Ruger Mini-14 rifles made on contract with the French government for internal and police use, and the Mini was chosen for its more domestic appearance, especially versus the radical-looking FAMAS which had just been adopted. Adopted in 1978, the rifles are stamped “Mousqueton A.M.D. – 5.56 A.P.” on the rear receiver heel, “AMD” standing for “Intermediate Defense Weapon” (EDIT: I am wrong, it stands for “Armament and Means of Defense”) in French, and “AP” for “Prison Administration”. The rifles are also marked with Ruger markings, which are located on the receiver side, under the wood line. Some Mousqueton AMDs feature a unique curved forward charging handle style that interestingly is shared with the MAS M12SD discussed above. Sources differ on whether the guns were made by Ruger for the French government or made in France under license; both may be true. 

Domestic appearance, that's just crepe!

Mini 14's are simple, rugged, cheap and with their better barrels, relatively accurate, or at least minute of Muslim terrorist accurate.  The French-O's must be smarter than I thought.  Nice work, Frogs!


  1. Yes, it's a very nice rifle. And I'm sure that the French will make appropriate use of them in their war on terror while we carry out our "foreign contingency operation".

  2. Love the Mini-14. I had one in Guatemala along with my M-1 and S&W.357

    1. They aren't fancy, they aren't stylish, but they do the job, and they do it reliably. The French are no fools.

  3. The French rifles are select fire, which makes them even more desirable. One of the many nice toys we aren't allowed to have.

  4. Drool alert:


  5. I sold my stainless mini for college tuition. Arguably one of the stupidest things I have ever done, along with getting rid of a '68 Toyota Land Cruiser, and, well, the browning T bolt,...etc. oh f**k, never mind.