Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Five reasons why anthropogenic global warming is bunk

Al Gore and his propaganda for bigger, more intrusive government be damned.


  1. The gang line has a lot of suckers on it and the progressive left keeps reeling them in.

  2. What IS the ideal temperature of the earth? I wish someone would answer this. Instead of an open ended debate give me a number to shoot for. Is it the average of the last 50 years? How about an average temp of your grandfathers youth? How about an average of when Christ walked the earth? Another thing - If we are 'warming', who are we to say that Russian Siberia can't grasp its chance to become the next 'breadbasket to the world'.

  3. It's the underlying assumption of all radical greenies: there is a certain condition that must at all costs be maintained, and all changes from that point are more than wrong, they are immoral.