Sunday, November 15, 2015

A slow Sunday job

Making Shepherd's bread by hand.

Added a big slurp of Doug, the sourdough starter, to give it a little kick.  Baked it in the Dutch oven.

Now, to apply some of the wife's fig jam and butter to a slice!


  1. I named my starter "Fred" because he makes awesome bread. I feel vindicated that I'm not the only one who names their starter. Is a slurp bigger than a glug?

    1. A glug represents a full gulp, liberally dolloped out. A slurp is more than a sip, much more, but somewhat less than a glug.

    2. It is important to get these measurements clarified, you don't want to use a heap of something when you should have used a mess something.

  2. Bet there isn't any leftovers....