Sunday, November 15, 2015

1954 … Walt and Werner

What Walt Disney and Werner Von Braun were doing together, I don't know.


  1. Walt was very interested in space flight - witness "Tomorrowland". He did the animation for Von Braun's project to send spacecraft to Mars. Von Braun wanted to send a fleet of ships to insure that they made it, reasoning that if one had problems, the others could help or transfer crew.

    There is a rumor that Walt was frozen when he died to await revival when technology caught up. Then again there is also a rumor that he was cremated and his ashes rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery. I make no claims either way.

  2. That shot was from the Disneyland television show "Man in Space." I've hardly ever watched television, so the shows I saw as a 9-year-old pretty much stick with me. I remember the kids at school doing Werner von Braun impressions in the week that followed.....