Sunday, January 6, 2013

Believe it or not, east of the coasts, it probably looks pretty similar in California.  Certainly, I think all of my neighbors have something in the way of a firearm, and guess what, no one gets killed or even injured around here by a gun.

Via Ed Driscoll, 

Ed also links to this interesting article, which is worth the read.  My favorite section points out a fact that supports my experience in my neighborhood, which is:

" Not coincidentally, the lone mass shooting that has occurred in Texas since the Luby’s massacre in October of 1991 was a terrorist attack on Ft. Hood, ironically a gun-free zone. The Obama administration does not classify the Ft. Hood massacre as a terrorist attack, though, but an incident of “workplace violence.” That label is one of the current government’s more heartless lies."

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