Saturday, December 8, 2012

Your ray of hope on a gloomy day (at least here where I live):

In Michigan, of all places, unions lose big in spite of all the thuggish tactics normally employed by such folk.

From the article:

There are three big points to note about this unfolding story. For the past fifty years it was almost unthinkable that Michigan, home of America’s auto industry and one of the most pro-labor states in the country, would join right-to-work states. At the very least, this story seriously undercuts the narrative that America has turned decisively left under Obama.
Also worth noting is the fact that public-sector unions have significantly less support than their private-sector counterparts. Although Lansing passed right-to-work bills covering both types of unions, the bill covering public-sector unions only managed four votes against—a small minority of even the Democrats. The vote for the bill protecting private-sector unions was much closer. There could not be a more telling illustration of the deep trouble facing the public union movement.
As in Wisconsin, this is the beginning of the story rather than the end.

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