Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Over at Velociworld, there is a fine and incisive post about the craven dishonesty of the main stream media.

He calls it like he sees it, no doubt.

A snippet:

My point, should I ever meander to it, is that the "free press" are no longer that thing, that entity, exposing the powerful as they exploit they helpless. Rather, they are the critical component in a fascist, corporatist criminal syndicate, allied with but one political entity, and use the power of their supposed neutrality to wage war upon those not of a like political bent.

One might posit that it's all just news, and blood leads, and they are merely performing their capitalist fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders. And this is true to a point. But the wicket gets sticky here. The bias is palpable. One could suck it like a juicy peach. I won't bother with small examples, because the enterprise is too huge. But for a small example: Tim Scott, a black Republican, has been appointed by Nikki Haley, an Indian female GOP governor, to be the only black Senator. And the first from the south since Reconstruction. Now the GOP has more minorities in the Senate than the Democrats. Does this uplifting story get any traction in the media? No. He is called an Uncle Tom on MSNBC. And worse. Fact: there are more minority GOP governors than Democrat governors. Republicans look at African-Americans like Tim Scott and see a future leader. Democrats merely see another nigra vote, lost.

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