Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Over at Borepatch, there is a story about an effort to locate and restore a squadron of Spitfire fighters buried in their shipping boxes in Burma to prevent the Japanese from getting them.

  "The Spitfires, which used Rolls Royce Griffon engines instead of the Merlins of earlier models, are believed to have been put in crates and transported from the factory in Castle Bromwich, in the West Midlands, to Burma in August 1945.

However, when the war against the Japanese in Burma came to an abrupt end, the British South-East Asia command decided to bury them to ensure they could not be found by the enemy.

Mr Cundall believes the Spitfires are still wrapped in their original Castle Bromwich tar paper."

Let's hope they are in fact located and restored, as that would for sure be a great moment when they fly into the sky once more.

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  1. They were found. Just amazing.

    Buried Spitfires: Will be in near perfect condition