Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In the next state sized Detroit, California, we learn that one of it's oldest and largest corporate citizens, Chevron, has sent 800 of it's management staff to Texas. 

That is yet another pulse of high paid folks who will now be living the good life in the great state of Texas, not in the formerly great state of California.

There is no doubt in my mind that a huge factor here is the new cap and trade law that goes into effect next year here that will be aimed directly at companies like this.  Why would they stay when they have to basically pay what is in effect a huge new tax, the amount of which is assessed by faceless bureaucrats whose goal is to raise as much money as possible, while pretending to fight the non existent threat of global warming?

There is nothing so insane as a one party state, if that state is controlled by the Democrats. At least on a personal level these 800 people will be able to make a clean escape to a land where the electorate exhibits some sanity.  Too bad the rest of us are stuck here with the certifiable voters who keep electing the likes of Jerry Brown to power.

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