Monday, July 30, 2012

Back at the end of WWII, Detroit was a world leading city in industry, population and culture, as illustrated by the Dodge plant booming above.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Hiroshima was a smoldering ruin after being nuked to put an end to the war the Japanese started.

Fast forward to today.  Having been run since the sixties by the current president's party, the roles are reversed.  In Detroit, the population is down, many parts of the city mimic the devastation of Hiroshima just after the war, and the city government is know far and wide for crime and corruption.

Meanwhile, back in Hiroshima, things couldn't be more different.  A booming vibrant city with it's future ahead of it.   The difference is that in Hiroshima, the people supported a government that wanted to build a city.  In Detroit, after about the mid sixties, the people supported a government that wanted to loot the wealth created by prior generations, and they got it.  Now look at it. 

The lesson for all of us is that the place makes no difference.  The relative wealth or poverty makes little difference.  If the people decide that they want something, they will get it.  If they are basically amoral, as those in Detroit became, it is only a matter of time before the greatest wealth will be gone, and the people will become as poor as their souls.

Detroit is where the president and his party is taking our country today.  We cannot count on being insulated from the madness by the prior success of a way of life and a moral foundation that is disappearing in more and more places in our land.  The end result depends on us, and it depends on our willingness to work hard to keep the people who would ruin us to rule us at bay.  They will never quit, because evil never does quit.  Neither can we.  Keep Detroit's fate in mind this November, and decide if you wish to live in a nationwide Detroit, or in the old, vibrant, booming Detroit.  Hiroshima shows that no matter how bad it is, a better world can rise.

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  1. you should do some homework,
    the irony that the current president saved thousands of jobs in auto industry, with estimates of 8-10 times that in jobs that directly support that industry. while the Republicans wanted to let it all die and deeply worsen the economy. This all while helping their friends in the finance world while the kept their bonuses. Detroit would much much much worse off with another president, not better. In fact much of that poverty in Detroit was created by the finance world only interested in their billions regardless of who they hurt along the way.