Thursday, March 1, 2012

In their final sweep through Osama bin Laden's compound, before tearing it down, they found two bibles, in English, with notations suggestive that the terror leader was studying them. 

From the description in the article, it sounds like he was marking up his bibles just like my grandma used to do to hers, although probably not for the same reasons that she did it.

Nevertheless, when one recalls that he was telling his young relatives to forego jihad, and to go instead to the West and study in western colleges, perhaps he was having serious second thoughts about the course of his life and the state of his soul.  Tired of hate and bloodshed, tired of hiding in a foreign country, unable to go even outside without fear, maybe he was thinking about an alternative to all that.

It would be very interesting indeed to see what he was highlighting in that old bible.

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