Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here is an interesting lesson for California's hapless Democrats and their ideologe governor Jerry Brown:

In the rustiest of rust belt states, Michigan, they recently elected a Republican governor, Rick Snyder, who had been a businessman for many years before going into politics.  As any good businessman would, he immediately went to work fixing that states budget, but not without resistance from the very powerful leftist politicians, who were ably assisted by the MSM.

Here is what they said at the time the first major reform legislation went into effect.

  "Gov. Rick Snyder signed the much despised emergency financial manager legislation in to law today, giving him far too much power over the people in his state. Even the power to ignore the will of the people and the votes they cast."

Horrors!! Draconian!  Undemocratic!! Ignore the will of the people!  !!!1111Eleventy!!

So how has all that worked out? Look at the latest headline from the state of Michigan.

The literal money quote:

   "But the state that experienced an economic downturn earlier, deeper and longer than most of the rest of the country has made an unlikely discovery as its officials closed out its latest financial books: Michigan has a $457 million surplus.

Even more surprising: Revenues, which had sunk or had been mostly flat for all but one year since 2000, have grown. Not a lot, but grown."

More proof that common sense coupled with a determined leader who is not owned by the unions can make an almost immediate difference for the better.   What a contrast this makes with the continued financial embarassment that is my home state of California.  

Hopefully the electorate here will learn their hard lesson, and see that the answer is to turn out of office every Democrat they can.  We too could see such a turnaround in a few years if the legislature and governor were Republicans, but it takes the commitment to change to make it happen, and I doubt that will exist here without further pain.

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  1. And more than likely, Jerry Brown will likely get re-elected once this term of ruination is complete.